Do you need a good paying job without having a degree? Then a pharmacy technician career is the best opportunity for you. You do not have to have all the qualifications that a pharmacist has to have to become a pharmacy technician.

Career for health 

One of the most popular occupations for health care and pharmacy handling is a pharmacy technician. Their job is to handle the work of a pharmacist. They assist the needs of the patient’s health care, their medications, records of the patients and prescriptions. Pharmacy technicians are in demand right now and this career has been growing every year. In fact, pharmacy technician job opportunities are expected to increase tremendously over the next decade.

A career for you

A career for you

Career for students  

Your next question might be, “How can I become a certified pharmacy technician?” A lot of pharmacy technician schools like ExCPT, handle the training for the certification of pharmacy technicians. They educate their students with study aides and practice exams. They equip their students and prepare them to take the certification examination. The students who have passed the exams are then ready to assist the pharmacists in dispensing medications and prescriptions.

Salary from career

A pharmacy technician salary is based on experience and qualifications. Many pharmacy technicians do not have formal training under the supervision of a pharmacist. Therefore these technicians receive a lower salary than a certified pharmacy technician. This is why a pharmacy technician school like ExCPT, is so important. The school will provide expertise and on-the-job training in a pharmacy with a starting average salary of up to $19,000.00. A salary for a new certified technician or trainee may rang up to a $25,00.00 annually which will run for a couple of years. If one gains enough experience, he/she should expect a salary increase of up to $30,000.00 annually. This is a continuous increase if the experience reaches up to 10 years. You can receive a salary as high as $40,000.00. It is no wonder that a pharmacy technician career is soaring higher with providing jobs worldwide.

A pharmacist assistant is next to the position of the pharmacy technician wherein the pharmacist is the boss. The pharmacist assistant occupies an important position in a pharmacy. They work with the customers and maintain the pharmacy. He/she must have good customer service skills. They handle money and answer phone calls as well as encoding data into the pharmacy computer system. There are schools that train for a pharmacist assistant and can make you competitive in the line of your career. The expertise that you get can benefit you in the long run.

Right career

Whether you choose to become a Pharmacy Technician or Pharmacy Assistant, you can be sure to have a great career. These opportunities are abundant because of the rise in hospitals and pharmacy’s all over the world. This can be the right career opportunity for you.

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