Just What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency or an employment agency is a business organization that hires employees to work for other companies.

In other words, when a business needs to increase their workforce, either temporarily or for the long-term, they’ll reach out to a staffing agency for help.

There are three main types of job categories in staffing. Temporary jobs, temp-to-hire jobs, and direct hire jobs.

Temporary jobs are where you work for the staffing agency’s client on a short-term basis. Temporary jobs can generally last weeks or months, depending on the position.

Temp-to-hire jobs are where you work for a staffing agency’s client on a trial basis to determine if you and the client are a good match.

And direct hire jobs are where you are recruited by the staffing agency and then hired by its client.

Working with a staffing agency could be a smart move for you.

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